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Love yourself Love your life

An Inner journey to truth and freedom.


I have created a 4 week programme  to help individuals learn to love and accept themselves unconditionally. I have also created a 8 week programme if you want a more enhanced understanding.

These will be one to one hourly sessions each week or fortnightly with myself via Zoom or Teams .

The programme s solely focused on inner work.

Loving you is a way to be in flow with life effortlessly rather than forcing things to work out for you.

The Benefits of unconditionally loving you are as follow:

- Having clarity to be able to make decisions.

- Feeling more self assured/confident.

- Connect with your Truth/True self.

- Living life fully and embracing each momemt.

- Feel a sense of Purpose.

- Feel Healthy.

- Feel abundant.

- Less Stress.

- Living Fearlessly.

- Feel more connected in relationships.

There are many more for you to discover.

Love Yourself

Session 1 What Is Self Love


- Introduction to session

- What is self love and what it is not.

- Understanding your relationship with yourself.

- Purpose of self love.

- Explore inner acceptance 

- Q&A

Session 2 - The Truth sets you Free

- Introduction to session.

- Learning to speak your inner truth.

- Explore inner beliefs that are keeping you stuck, trapped, powerless, lost etc

- Ways to speak your truth.

- Q&A

Session 3 Let Go and Heal

- Introduction to session.

- Understanding the purpose of letting go and Healing.

- How to connect with your True self.

- Letting go technique.

- Q&A

Session 4 - Showing up for self.

- Continue the inner work.

- Understanding obstacles that may unseat you.

- Explore mind, body, environment connection.

- Daily exercises to help a deeper connection.

- Q&A 

If you wish to choose the 8 week Programme. 

Session 5 - Intuition V Mind

- Introduction to session.

- Understanding your intuition.

- How to recognise Intuition V Mind.

- Understanding how intuition connects to self awareness and Love.

- Q&A

Sessions 6 - Intuition continued

Introduction to session

- Depper connection to Intuition

- Live exercise connecting to intuition.

- Support through any challenges you may face.

- Explore and understand Triggers

- Q&A

Session 7 - Triggers & Obstacles

- Check in 

- Supporting you through any challenges that  may have surfaced.

- Supporting you to connect deeper with your true self.

- Understanding your triggers.

- Helping understand obstacles.

- Q&A

Session 8 - What works what doesn't work

- check in

- Support through any difficulties that may have surfaced.

- Explore personal  journey throughout the 8 week programme.

- understanding what works what doesnt work for you

- Continue self love Journey independently.



4 Week Programme £399

8 Week Programme £649

Please press the contact me tab for any questions and to book in.


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